Occupational Safety and Health

EnDyna provides expert technical assistance for a diverse range of occupational safety and health and industrial hygiene programs related to health, safety, and welfare issues in the workplace, including ensuring compliance with the laws, standards.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

EnDyna provides comprehensive occupational health and safety services related to health, safety, and welfare issues in the workplace, including ensuring compliance with the laws, standards, and programs through audits and inspections; promoting safety awareness; communicating innovations in telemedicine; and eradicating unsafe behavior through training. All of this is aimed at making the workplace safer for workers, co-workers, and customers and promoting higher employee morale.

Industrial Hygiene Services

EnDyna’s Industrial Hygiene team develops hazard exposure assessments and delivers practical solutions to address hazards that we identify, protecting the safety and well-being of employees. Among the Industrial Hygiene services we provide are:


US Department of Defense (DoD) Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety and Health Support for the Pentagon Reservation: EnDyna provides project management-based industrial hygiene, and occupational health and safety support at the Pentagon and associated locations within the National Capital Region (NCR). Support includes: accurate and timely hazard identification to help prevent occupational injuries and illnesses; construction safety; and OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) training. Under this program, EnDyna provides support and technical guidance for improved facility management in the areas of energy use and reduction, fuel storage and compliance, hazardous waste management and minimization, food safety, loss prevention, fire safety, moisture intrusion, and indoor air quality. We conduct Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)-compliant facility audits for system performance. EnDyna Team personnel also perform incident evaluations and assessments secondary to occupant or staff concerns. Work requests under this program may come from any one of over 65,000 DoD employees in the NCR.

US Department of Labor (DOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Technical, Emergency, and Outreach Support Services in Support of OSHA’s Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management (DTSEM): EnDyna Under this five-year blanket purchase agreement (BPA), EnDyna is providing: (1) technical emergency and outreach support in the development, revising, and updating of information related to occupational safety and health issues in order to assist compliance officers (CSHOs) in hazard recognition, evaluation and control involving mechanical, biological, chemical, natural, environmental, radiological, physical or other forms of hazardous conditions or practices; (2) assistance in the evaluation, improvement and expansion of the content of the OSHA website to ensure that up-to-date safety and health information is provided to all users; (3) technical support for the development and implementation of specialized training for specific audiences; (4) technical assistance in the development of industry specific safety and health initiatives including outreach and emphasis programs; and, (5) assistance to OSHA in providing safety and health technical assistance during national emergencies or disasters response and recovery operations.

US Army Futures Command (AFC), Public Affairs and Meeting Support Services for the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC): On-site at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, EnDyna’s public affairs, communications, and design personnel assist with the development, organization, dissemination and information management of various materials for the TATRC lab, to include multimedia, print, social media, web design and maintenance, and meeting and event support. This includes Assisting in the organization and dissemination of information and research results to all relevant media platforms; Developing and coordinating events, conferences, agendas and briefing templates; Coordinating VIP visits; Coordinating with USAMRMC Command PAO on command wide events; Coordinating with USAMRMC Command PAO clearance for briefings and articles/publications; Coordinating Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with USAMRMC Command PAO; Coordinating newsletters, presentations, publications and events with staff; Generating original content, based on TATRC projects, announcements, interest and share via TATRC social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) to present a coherent, militarily relevant and consistent message as required; and, Scrutinizing TATRC Lab's social media sites for inappropriate comments and observance of Operational Security (OPSEC) rules.