Our Team

Smita Siddhanti

PhD (President)

Dr. Siddhanti founded EnDyna following a successful 15-year career with leading consulting firms. A nationally recognized expert in risk assessment and management, Dr. Siddhanti has supported the US Environmental Protection Agency's radiation, waste management, Superfund, drinking water, and pesticide programs. She has also worked extensively with the states, other federal agencies, and multilateral organizations to develop regulations, policy, guidance, market-based approaches to environmental protection, and training. Dr. Siddhanti authored the book, Multiple Perspectives on Risk and Regulation: The Case of Deliberate Release of Genetically Engineered Organisms into the Environment, published in 1991. She has served on the Virginia Governor's Air Quality Board. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy, an M.S. in Technology Policy, and a B.S. in Biology and Physiology.

Ashok Siddhanti


Mr. Siddhanti is a management consultant with engineering background brings over 22 years of experience with private sector and past seven (7) years working with Federal clients holding senior positions in management consulting and government contracting. Starting as a consultant with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Mr. Siddhanti went on to hold vice president positions at Mercer Management and A.T. Kearney, where he managed large contracts with fortune 100 companies. Highlights of his relevant private sector achievements included the benchmarking of best practices in quality and productivity in 20 countries, which influenced GE’s adoption of the Six Sigma program and Ford’s reduction in automotive development cycle time. Mr. Siddhanti revamped the compensation system of Hewett Packard’s worldwide sales force. As Reengineering Practice Lead at Mercer, he led the reengineering of key business processes at several Fortune 100 companies, including that of IBM’s supply chain spanning 90 countries. He developed and delivered training for BCG’s worldwide partners and senior corporate leaders in time-based-competition in order to increase corporation agility and productivity. It is through his private sector experience that Mr. Siddhanti weaves industry best practices into solutions offered to EnDyna’s Federal Government customers. As CEO, he has transformed EnDyna into an organization providing innovative, efficient solutions to Government needs. Mr. Siddhanti has been the corporate oversight officer managing several EnDyna’s prime contracts in training and human capital – including those with DoD, DHS-HQ, FEMA, DOT/Federal Motor Carrier Vehicle Administration (FMCSA), and the multiple-award IDIQ contract with DOT-Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and with GSA. He brings the private sector experience and best practices to leverage developing workforce efficiency and effectiveness through training and human capital support to government agencies.

Miguel Tuason

Business Development and Contracts

Mr. Tuason brings over 20 years of experience in successful creative communications management and a background as a business driver, change agent, process champion, and creative communicator in multi-project management, business processes and proposal development in cross-cultural situations. He has supported client projects at EnDyna since 2012. This includes support to EnDyna’s peer review contract with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), meeting and conference logistics contracts with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as well as its leadership training and management contracts with the US Departments of Defense (DoD) and Transportation (DOT). He has leadership experience in public relations, graphic design, human resources, and marketing communications for leaders in diverse industry niches. Performing with equal facility as a team leader, subject matter expert, and communications resource, he has a reputation as a self-starting manager in all aspects of the process of disseminating information and technology transfer support.

Keith Cleversey

Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Health

Mr. Cleversey brings over 24 years of directly related field and executive experience in industrial hygiene, environmental sciences, emergency response and preparedness (national disasters and terrorism), and green buildings, with a focus on indoor environments and building science. He is currently the incumbent Senior Level Safety Team Lead and has successfully managed the current contract for over eight years, where he oversees the development and maintenance of all environmental health and safety (EHS) programs including water, indoor air quality (IAQ), asbestos, moisture/mold, and various facility and operational inspections and training. He possesses extensive expertise in all aspects of industrial hygiene and safety (IHS), including electromagnetic fields, noise, moisture/mold, asbestos, lead, chemical spills, basic safety inspections, groundwater monitoring, and green building consulting to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state building codes, local ordinances, OSHA and EPA regulations, OSHB policy, and a myriad of other guidelines for projects of various size and scope. He serves as the liaison between OSHB and state and local regulators to satisfy code requirements and compliance, while streamlining technical monitoring approaches as well as interpreting scientific data results to formulate analytical response actions. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of all EHS programs including water, indoor air quality (IAQ), asbestos, moisture/mold, and various facility and operational inspections. Mr. Cleversey also serves as the EnDyna Team’s Quality Control (QC) Inspector. Working closely with the EnDyna Team’s Area Leads, he directs critical accounts and department initiatives, and brings an in-depth understanding of clients’ sensibilities and nuances..

Amjad Qureshi

Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Safety and Health

Mr. Qureshi is a highly experienced EHS professional with more than 40 years of diverse, leadership, management, and technical experience, as an Allied Health Scientist (Biologist, Chemist, Public/Environmental Health, Medical Technologist and Practitioner), Healthcare Administrator, National Board Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). Mr. Qureshi’s over 40 years of directly related experience as a safety specialist includes 34 years working for government facilities/projects. He brings a strong record of integrating effective loss prevention controls and managing risks in operations, administrative programs, and project costs. For the EnDyna Team at the Pentagon, he is currently at WHS focused on the development and continual improvement of the Safety Management System process, guidance for program management, training development, and day-to-day issues related to management and implementation of the program. Mr. Qureshi also serves as the team’s Quality Assurance Manager (QAM). He is experienced with health care, manufacturing, chemical and shipbuilding sectors, as well as the US federal and international governments. Mr. Qureshi has served as a career US Naval Officer, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Director, and Agency Safety Officer, with government agencies and private companies. He is experienced in policy development and implementation, behavior-based safety, risk management, program evaluations and audits, hazardous chemicals management, performance measurement, public health investigations, hazard analysis, entomology, microbiology, epidemiological studies, research analytics, process improvement, engineering controls, policy development compliance, EHS training, strategic communications, management consulting, project management, contracting, and budget planning. Currently assisting OSHB management in developing a new Safety Management System based on ISO 14001.

Kevin Dunn

Environmental Management and Compliance

Mr. Dunn has 29 years of experience working in the environmental field, mostly for the DoD community, including ten years supporting the Army National Guard’s (ARNG’s) Environmental Compliance Assessment System (ECAS)/ Environmental Performance Assessment System (EPAS). Through working on ECAS/EPAS assessments, he has visited over 100 ARNG maintenance facilities and training sites. He has performed over 50 environmental compliance audits in 31 US states and territories (hundreds of facilities) using US Environmental Assessment and Management (TEAM) Guides and State Supplements. Prior to that, he has six years of mapping and intelligence analysis experience, including three years in the US Army. In the environmental field, he has primarily worked in areas of hazardous waste management planning, compliance assistance, permitting, and environmental training. He has prepared 22 Hazardous Waste Management Plans for the ARNG, Air National Guard (ANG), US Marine Corps (USMC), US Army, U.S Army Reserve (USAR), US Department of Commerce, and the US Coast Guard (USCG). He has also prepared and delivered environmental, safety, storage tanks, spill prevention and response, and hazardous material transportation courses for the health care industry, property managers, municipal water providers, and various government agencies. Mr. Dunn also worked on the EPA’s RCRA/Superfund Hotline.

Kurd Ali

Event Planning and Logistical Support

Mr. Ali is a Certified Government Meeting Professional with 19 years of conference and event management experience for multiple Federal clients, including the NIH, HHS, EPA, DOJ, ED, and HUD, and specifically in the last ten years, supporting NIH events, including more than five years supporting NIHCATS II projects. Mr. Ali is experienced in managing all logistical tasks, from site selection through traveling and reimbursing participants and presenters, for EnDyna’s contracts with NIH, HHS, EPA, and DoD. His skills include hotel and contract negotiations; federal contract budget preparation and management; coordinating and managing group travel; arranging, coordinating, and leading client site visits; timeline tracking and oversight; logistics management; client and vendor management; staff supervision; marketing and outreach; and client communication. In support of EnDyna’s EPA contracts, Mr. Ali manages all the logistical tasks including hotel and site negotiation, room setup, AV services, and sleeping room blocks. Mr. Ali has served as the conference manager for several travel contracts for the NIH Office of the Director, including the Undergraduate Scholars Program (2008-18), National Graduate Student Research Conference, the Career Symposium, NIH Academy, ALA from 2013-18, and the NIH Graduate Partnership Program and Undergraduate Scholarship Program in 2013-18. As the proposed Project Manager, Mr. Ali has managed multiple NIH logistical contracts over the last ten years, and he brings substantive experience to this project. Mr. Ali will also oversee the accuracy of the reports detailing traveler itineraries and our monthly invoices. Mr. Ali is also skilled in the management of hotel and vendor negotiations, Federal contract budget management, timeline tracking and oversight, logistics management, staff supervision and client communication.

Anna Hagarman

Senior Marketing and Meeting Manager

Ms. Hagarman is the designated PAO (during absences), illness, or other unscheduled leave of the PAO under EnDyna’ contract with AFC TATRC. Coordinates and executes all official event services. Creates and drafts invitational language and correspondence as well as detailed agendas and itineraries that describes the event in detail to include the date, location, purpose / theme, objectives, meeting host, registration information, RSVP deadlines, etc. and disseminate the official correspondence to targeted attendees and intended guests. Will send numerous follow-up and reminder messages to ensure each attendee is well informed and well prepared for the event. This includes tracking RSVPs, registering each guest and providing on-site check-in and badging at the event. Monitor event activities to ensure the client and event attendees are satisfied. Serve as the Primary POC responsible for compiling, coordinating, and processing Conference Approval Packets for ALL Major National Conferences in accordance with DoD Army regulations. Coordinates, conducts and schedules quarterly meetings with each Lab Manager and their staff to review and discuss all potential and relevant key developments and milestones occurring in that particular quarter that is appropriate for distribution in organizational newsletters. Serves as the Alternate Contract Manager.

Ray Samonte

Graphic Design and Web Specialist

Mr. Samonte maintains the overall look of all TATRC-issued communications materials, from documents, reports, flyers, infographics, presentations, videos, and exhibits. Conceptualize, design, and develop a wide variety of graphical information materials (both print and electronic, for technical, promotional, informational), such as brochures, event ads, meeting and conference handouts, PowerPoint slides, posters, forms, and other presentation aids. Create and design other visuals such as logos, banners, and newsletter lay outs, scientific illustrations for articles in technical manuals, health journals, and other publications using advanced desktop publishing, page layout, and/or typesetting software to design and develop high qualify textual and graphic compositions that communicate complex technical information. Develops systems for scheduling and tracking requests for graphics/artwork to ensure timely and efficient completion of all work products. Manages the TATRC accounts held with stock photo and videography library. Manages the production, publication, and dissemination – including of the web-based version – of the quarterly TATRC newsletter, TATRC Times. Conducts stock media searches, when needed and in coordination with the Meeting Planner and PAO, for TATRC materials development, including for the newsletter. In addition, creates and maintains a standardized public facing website, in accordance with official DoD regulations that includes an interactive news carousel, as well as individual pages for each lab and key program. Coordinates to ensure that all events are updated monthly on the main Events page to display upcoming events, and archive past events that have occurred. Updates each individual lab page with their specific news stories. Ensures that all images, news stories, and content placed on the website follow government security protocol and all updates will be reviewed by the Marketing Director. Daily monitoring of the overall site and responsive reaction to fix video and image codes all throughout the site so content can be displayed properly regardless of device/screen size (smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop).

Amy Doll

Scientific Peer Reviews

Ms. Doll has over 20 years of experience analyzing and implementing solutions for environmental, water, transportation, energy, and natural resources management problems. She provides effective and efficient project management, project planning, and project tracking, ensuring projects are run in compliance with federal regulatory requirements. Currently supporting NIH’s Office of Extramural Programs (OEP) to develop an evaluation methodology for NIH’s single institutional review board (sIRB) policy. Recently supported OEP’s Extramural Staff Training Office (ESTO) training evaluation project. Provides support for and participates in meetings, peer reviews, and workgroups for federal, departmental, or agency-wide mandates or initiatives, including NIH (e.g., OEP and Division of Environmental Protection), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) of the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has managed and conducted program and institutional assessments, best practices analyses, program and process evaluations, applied economic analyses, regulatory and institutional analyses, policy analysis and research, strategy development, and institutional strengthening. Ms. Doll has managed projects ranging from large multi-task, multi-year assignments to specialized in-depth analytical studies to quick-turnaround analyses.

Byron Forest, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Mr. Foret brings over 14 years of experience as a civil engineer. He is currently managing a team of engineers on facilities, sustainment, restoration and modernization (FSRM) projects at Barksdale AFB (BAFB). He creates and updates project records in support of design and production of plans and specifications. Reviews deliverables for meeting quality and schedule requirements. Tracks project milestones and recommend corrective actions. Assists in documenting peer reviews, proposals and technical evaluations. Applies Federal and State statutes. Develops and updates construction drawings using computer-aided-design.

Max Cropper, PhD

Senior Instructional Systems Designer

Dr. Cropper, with more than 30 years of experience in instructional design and evaluation, test development, process improvement, and human performance management, was on a team that won the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Outstanding Instructional Product or Intervention Award. Dr. Cropper’s recent work includes: developed the web-based SPCC training module for EnDyna’s NIH DEP Environmental Regulatory Compliance contract, coordinating the development and validation of transportation of hazardous materials tests for seven multi-day courses, including beta testing and item analysis; developing an Online Learning Theory course for a potential US Air Force Instructional Design Certification Program; managing the development of training materials for the Defense ELDP; coordinating the implementation of a custom-designed eLearning tool for VA; and, supporting the development and production of a High Performing Teams program, producing multi-media online tutorials. Currently, he is managing EnDyna’s training development program, with support to multiple contracts, including with DoD, VA, DOT, and DOL.

John Norton

Leadership and Human Capital

Mr. Norton brings more than 20 years of experience as a Combat Arms Officer, and an additional 20 years as a leadership consultant and training facilitator. Noteworthy of his Leadership Consultant experiences over those 20 years include teaching Leadership and Ethics as the Professor of Military Science, working as the Deputy Project Manager for the World Bank, training business leaders in Kazakhstan in a major transformation project, creating the Center for Organizational Excellence (COE) at Shenandoah University where he served there as Director of Learning and Innovation as well as Senior consultant with clients such as Rubbermaid, the Defense Mapping Agency, Trex, Lear, Poly One, Shenandoah University, and the Russian Ministry of Energy. Prior to joining EnDyna, Colonel Norton served as a Senior Leadership Consultant and facilitator with Franklin Covey, a world leader in leadership and productivity training, where he has facilitated over 100 highly successful leadership transformation programs primarily with the VA and corporate clients all around the country. At EnDyna, he served as the Lead Facilitator on the DoD’s Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP), managed by the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS).

Samantha Hawa

Senior Training Specialist

With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Hawa supports EnDyna’s training contract with the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC), where she manages and coordinates the ITRC’s Training Program, consisting of virtual and face to face delivery and blended learning experiences delivered through EPA’s CLU-in web portal. In support of ITRC and EnDyna’s other training programs, she has helped to identify and coordinate qualified instructors to deliver relevant course content, and use data and research to drive decisions for program topics, locations, and mode of delivery. She serves as an advisor to curriculum development and instructional design. She has also evaluated the effectiveness of existing training programs, attendee satisfaction, and identifies the need for new topics based on market research, member surveys, program evaluations, and alignment with competency model across all career levels. She also identifies learning and development needs. Introduces new trends and techniques for training, learning and development. Implements and manages Succession Planning Projects and Individual Development Plans. She designs and develops new instructional materials including a new Training Catalog, training materials, facilitator guides, job aids, course design, and e-learning modules.

Audrey Kremer

PhD (Training Development and Evaluation)

Dr. Kremer is a strategic thinker with more than 20 years of experience designing, implementing, and evaluating formal and non-formal learning, professional development, and leadership development. She works collaboratively with clients to design evaluations, customize instruments, and analyze results to provide timely and actionable feedback to continuously improve education and training programs. Dr. Kremer has conducted return-on-investment (ROI) evaluations for federal technology projects, and outcome and impact evaluations for numerous training, professional development, and leadership development programs. She is an expert on adult motivation-to-learning, evaluation of learning programs, adult learning theory, workplace mentoring and training program design, strategic thinking, and decision-making.