EnDyna supports Federal government programs through seven main service areas:

Training and Learning Solutions
EnDyna specializes in course and curriculum development (and revision) across the Federal government. Current and past stakeholders include: transportation safety officials, law enforcement officers, regulatory officials, first responders, and private industry personnel. We have extensive experience developing web-based, classroom-based, and blended training. EnDyna has also managed the nationwide administration of classes for over 15,000 students each year.

Human Capital Solutions
EnDyna provides innovative and cost effective human capital solutions to Federal and state customers. EnDyna provides solutions in the following areas: competency modeling, leadership and professional development, and business process reengineering/improvement, which includes workforce planning, organizational reengineering, performance management, HR program and systems support.

Policy and Program Support
EnDyna provides regulatory and program support to Federal agencies. Areas of specialty include: policy formulation, policy implementation, and program development and deployment. EnDyna also provides our clients with technical and economic analysis for options/alternatives development.

Communications and Outreach
EnDyna supports Federal agencies with dynamic and innovative methods of communication and outreach to engage a wide range of stakeholder groups. These efforts include leading edge techniques – including social media – to make government processes more open, effective, and efficient.

Environmental Management, Health, and Safety
EnDyna provides expert technical assistance for a diverse range of environmental and occupational health and safety programs. Sustainable practices have the ability to improve public health, maintain environmental systems, and strengthen the economic models that support and promote our social growth. EnDyna supports the Federal government in the development and execution of sustainability strategies in response to legislated and mandated compliance, as well as progressive initiatives.

Emergency Management
EnDyna supports the Federal government in the development and execution of emergency preparedness and emergency mitigation solutions to improve prevention and response to emergency situations. Furthermore, EnDyna’s scientific and policy analysis, development tools, and strategies aid decision-makers in creating effective risk management alternatives.

Conference and Meeting Support
EnDyna provides planning, logistical, and on-site support for local, national, and international conferences on a variety of scientific and technical topics. EnDyna's comprehensive event support services include: agenda development and speaker/expert selection; support to "Green Meeting" initiatives; travel, hotel, and venue negotiations and arrangements; audiovisual and exhibition support services (including webinars and live streaming); design, production, and distribution of event materials (posters, banners, name badges, table tops, agenda, post-event reports and minutes); registration support; and management of all on-site and post-event activities.