EnDyna supports Federal government programs through seven main service areas:


EnDyna supports its clients’ programs with a variety of Cybersecurity solutions, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and cyber risk management. We use the latest tools and platforms to provide a wide range of services in a secure environment.

Digital Solutions

EnDyna uses a pro-active approach to provide Digital Solutions, including comprehensive web services, custom design and development, to maximize productivity, minimize down-time, and provide streamlined resolution to technology challenges.

Occupational Safety and Health

EnDyna provides expert technical assistance for a diverse range of occupational safety and health and industrial hygiene programs related to health, safety, and welfare issues in the workplace, including ensuring compliance with the laws, standards.

Environmental Solutions and Sustainability

EnDyna provides expert technical assistance and industry best practices for environmental consulting, environmental regulatory compliance, and sustainability programs. Sustainable practices improve public health, maintain environmental systems, and strengthen the economic models that support and promote social growth.

Engineering Support

EnDyna supports the Federal government in the development and execution of engineering and construction safety strategies and initiatives.

Scientific Program Support

EnDyna provides comprehensive scientific program support to federal agencies to institute more effective and efficient pragmatic approaches to challenging and emerging problems. This service area is guided by four general areas: Scientific Peer Reviews, Communications and Outreach, Scientific Research and Analysis, and Training.